Roof problems are difficult enough on their own without also having to deal with a bad repair job. If you are having your roof repaired soon with a Shawnee roofing contractor, here are some mistakes to keep an eye out for:

 Misdiagnosis of the Problem

If you had shingles come off your roof, it is essential to distinguish between the symptom (missing shingles) and the source of the problem. A few isolated shingles typically don’t come off your roof in a storm unless there is another underlying problem. The same principle applies to most other problems.

Inexperienced contractors often misdiagnose water leaks. Because water runs downhill, it may pool and cause water damage far from where it enters your roof. Identifying the source of a leak may take time and patience. If you aren’t convinced that your roofing contractor has diagnosed your problem correctly, call our team at CBR Roofing for a free roof inspection in Shawnee.

Choosing a Short-Term Solution instead of a Long-term solution

If your roof leaks, there are many ways to repair a leak quickly. If you need emergency roof repair in Shawnee, a quick repair is fine––but it needs to be repaired properly once the storm passes. Don’t settle for a quick patch when you need more extensive repairs.

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Improperly Matched Shingles

If, for example, a limb were to fall on your roof that was otherwise in excellent condition, it is acceptable to replace the damaged shingles in only the affected area. However, make sure the replacement shingles match the rest of your shingles exactly.

If the replacement shingles are of a different design, quality, size, or texture, they won’t wear or seal evenly with the rest of the roof. This will create a problem in the future. The best roofing contractors in Shawnee won’t mix and match unequal shingles on your roof.

Inadequate Shingle Overhang

Inspect the shingle overhang if you have had all your roof, or a portion of your roof replaced. Shingles should extend one-half inch to three-quarters of an inch over the edge of your roof. If they are longer, the shingles may break. If they are shorter, they may allow water to run underneath them.

Emergency Roof Repair in Shawnee

If you discover your roof is leaking or has otherwise been damaged during a storm, don’t choose just any contractor for emergency roof services in Shawnee. Call CBR Roofing, and we will not only help you stop the leak, but we will make sure the area is repaired properly and professionally. We guarantee all our work, so you don’t have to worry about your problem reappearing.

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