The next time you need to replace your roof, take advantage of the opportunity to make your home more environmentally friendly. Many homeowners avoid environmentally responsible practices because of the additional cost, but most sustainable roofing materials are cheaper long-term. Talk to a Shawnee roofing contractor for more details.

Take Old Asphalt Shingles to a Recycling Center

Used asphalt shingles often end up in landfills or are dumped in rural areas. Talk to your Shawnee roofing contractor about recycling your shingles instead. Recycled shingles can be used to build roads, parking lots, driveways, and make new shingles. Not all recycling centers will take asphalt shingles, but shingle recycling is increasingly popular, so you should be able to find a location that recycles shingles near you.

Install a Standing Seam Metal Roof

There are many environmentally friendly roofing options available, but our favorite option is standing-seam metal roofing. Standing seam metal roofs are commonly made of steel (though tin, copper, aluminum, and others are also available) and last significantly longer than asphalt shingle roofs. They are also among the most wind-resistant styles of roofing you can have. Contact the best residential roofing company in Shawnee for more information regarding standing seam metal roof installation.

 Install Slate, Wood Shakes, or Clay Tiles

Other quality roofing materials include asphalt shingles made primarily of recycled materials, slate, wood shakes, and clay tiles. Slate tiles, wood shakes, and clay tiles will often outlast asphalt shingles by decades. They are more expensive to install––but the savings add up over the long haul.

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Add Roof Insulation

If you are removing your old roof and replacing shingles, why not upgrade the insulation in your attic as well? Blow-in roof insulation is surprisingly affordable and can add up to big energy savings when combined with a new roof and improved roof ventilation. Reduced energy use is good for the environment and your bank account.

Keep Up with Roof Maintenance

Regular roof maintenance and inspections are other critical elements of environmentally friendly roofing. Minor maintenance can make your current roof last longer and avoid an unnecessary roof replacement. Does your roof need maintenance right now? Call CBR Roofing for roof inspection in Shawnee! We can help you care for your roof and keep your family safe.

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Do You Need Emergency Roof Repair in Shawnee?

If a storm, heavy winds, or falling trees have created an unexpected leak in your roof, you don’t have time to waste before you get it repaired. At CBR Roofing, we offer emergency roof services in Shawnee. Call us any time––day or night––and we can help you fix your leak.