The only sure way to get a price for roof replacement is by calling the best residential roofing company in Mustang and requesting an inspection and quote for roof replacement. If you aren’t ready to call a roofer yet, you may be interested in understanding what factors influence the cost of roof repair and replacement.

Factor #1 – Materials

The most inexpensive option for roof shingles are called three-tab shingles. A more popular, attractive, and expensive option are architectural or dimensional shingles. Architectural shingles are designed to be more weather resistant and durable.

If you want to install a roof that will last a lifetime, you can choose a standing seam metal roof. Standing seam metal roofs may cost three or four times what a standard shingle roof would cost, but they last longer and are much more resistant to high winds.

Speak to your roofer about the best materials for your roof and ask for options if you are interested in upgrading.

Factor #2 – The Condition of Your Old Roof

If your old roof is caving in and all your vents, flashing, and trim need to be replaced, the replacement cost will be significantly higher than on homes in better condition.

Factor #3 – Accessibility

Do you have a two or three-story home with a high-pitched roof? Any Mustang roofing contractor that takes on a job with limited accessibility will charge more for installation. Complicated jobs require additional safety precautions and roofers with more experience.

Factor #4 – Roof Design

Larger roofs with numerous peaks, valleys, and varying roof planes take longer to replace and require additional labor. Complex roof designs may also require more experienced and skilled roofers than simpler jobs. Additional labor and workers with special training will cost more.

Factor #5 – Warranty

New roofs often carry two or three types of warranties. Material warranties, labor warranties, and extended warranties all have a cost––even if they aren’t specified on your final receipt. Quality materials with better warranties cost more than inferior materials. The best residential roofer in Mustang will charge more for his work and his guarantee than a local handyman. Extended warranties and insurance are a whole other matter.

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