If you have had severe roof problems over the last year, the day your new roof is installed may be an event you get excited about. A new roof is a very worthwhile investment. It can approve your home’s appearance and help you feel at peace knowing that you are protected if severe weather arrives without warning.

If you haven’t ever had a new roof installed, you may not know what to expect. New roof installation is very similar to roof repair in Shawnee but on a larger scale. These are some questions roofers are often asked about installation.

Should I do anything to prepare?

Yes. Park your cars in the garage, under a carport, or down the street. Put lawn furniture, barbecue pits, bicycles, or anything else you keep outside in your garage or toward the back of your property and away from the roof edge. New roof installation requires the removal of old roofing materials. These materials are often thrown off the roof and onto the ground or into a large construction dumpster. Falling shingles and other materials can damage your vehicles and anything else in their path. The best residential roofing company in Shawnee will often move these things for you, but we recommend you move them yourself to avoid unnecessary damages.

If you are concerned about a garden, landscaping, swimming pool, or anything else, discuss it with your roofer at least a day before installation is scheduled.

How long will it take?

This will depend on the size of your roof, accessibility, weather, and the amount of work being done. More complex jobs take more time. The average-sized roof can often be replaced in a day. Larger roofs that also need new decking may take three to five days. Ask your roofer how long they expect the job will take, but always be prepared for the work to go longer than expected.

Is it noisy?

Roof replacement isn’t noisy from start to finish, but it will likely be noisy at some point.

Will the Roofers Clean Up the Mess?

Yes. When you have roof installation or roof repair in Shawnee, your roofer should clean up the mess.

After installation, you and your roofer should do a final roof inspection in Shawnee before the whole crew leaves. If you identify any problems, agree on how they will be resolved.

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