An inadequately ventilated roof can be the source of a variety of problems in your house. At CBR Roofing, we help customers every day with their roofing problems, and ventilation problems are roofing problems––though it doesn’t always seem that way. If you have experienced the following issues, you may need to contact a residential roofer in Mustang to help you fix your problem.

Problems With Your Air Conditioner

If your air conditioner is the proper size for your home but doesn’t keep the house cool when it is warm outside, it could be caused by a lack of ventilation in your roof and attic. If hot air is not allowed to escape from your attic––and be replaced by cooler air from outside––it will make your attic hotter than it should be. When the attic becomes too warm, it can heat up the interior of your home.

Mold and Mildew in Your Attic or On Your Roof

Warm, moist air trapped inside an unventilated attic will lead to mold and mildew. The same moist air can cause the wooden structure of your roof to rot and deteriorate over time. Moisture can also enter your attic through a leak in the roof.

If you aren’t sure where the moisture is coming from, call a residential roofer in Mustang who can do a careful inspection of your roof and attic. The best residential roofing companies in Mustang will typically offer free inspections.

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Icicles and Ice Dams

Icicles and ice dams are most often caused when snow on your roof is melted by heat radiating from inside your attic. The water then runs down your roof and refreezes as it reaches the edge. Ice at the edge of your roof can lead to premature deterioration of fascia boards, rafters, and roof decking.

If you have this problem every time it snows, you most likely have a ventilation problem. That means it’s time to call the best roofing contractor in Mustang to address the issue.

Moisture Problems Inside Your Home

Check for peeling paint, mildew on your walls & furniture, or drywall damaged by moisture. If your home never seems to dry out, but you can’t find a leak in your roof, walls, or windows, it could be because the moisture in the air doesn’t have a good route to escape. This is often caused by a poorly ventilated roof.

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Emergency Roof Repair in Shawnee

If you discover your roof is leaking or has otherwise been damaged during a storm, don’t choose just any contractor for emergency roof services in Shawnee. Call CBR Roofing, and we will not only help you stop the leak, but we will make sure the area is repaired promptly and professionally. We guarantee all our work, so you don’t have to worry about your problem reappearing.