Most homeowners understand the need for routine maintenance on their houses. Gutters must be cleaned. Squeaky door hinges need a little oil. Walls need to be painted when the paint starts peeling or the color fades. But what about your roof?

Most people don’t think about their roof because they rarely see it up close, but several areas of your roof need regular maintenance. If your roof is hard to see from a distance or you aren’t comfortable on a ladder, you can always call CBR Roofing for a free roof inspection in Mustang.

  • Shingles. Are all your shingles in place? Are some beginning to curl or crack? If so, they need to be repaired quickly. Call CBR Roofing for roof repair in Mustang.


  • Flashing. Flashing is the metal trim on top of your roof. It surrounds chimneys and roof vents and often lies in the valleys between different surfaces of your roof. If your flashing is out of place or has begun to corrode, it needs to be repaired or replaced immediately.


Roof Repair in Mustang

  • Tree Branches. Tree branches can potentially damage your roof in heavy winds or when weighed down by ice in the winter. Ensure the branches are adequately trimmed and allow plenty of space between the tree and your house. It is also crucial to observe your trees for signs of dead or decaying limbs. If a large limb falls on your roof during a storm, you may have to call for emergency roof repair in Mustang––so make sure the trees near your home are properly trimmed and healthy.


  • Vents. Most roofs have several different types of vents. Some allow air to escape from your attic, and others are part of your house’s plumbing system. Ensure these vents are all sealed adequately against the roof and not full of leaves or other debris. This is one of the most important parts of routine roof inspection in Mustang.


  • Chimneys and Skylights. One of the primary sources of minor roof leaks is the area around skylights and chimneys. If you notice the seal around your skylight or chimney is beginning to shrink or crack, you may be able to catch a leak before it happens.


  • Keep Your Roof Clean. Moss or algae can grow on your roof in certain conditions. If you see this beginning to happen, it needs to be taken care of quickly. It is also necessary to make sure leaves or branches don’t collect on your roof.


Most maintenance that a homeowner can do on their roof is relatively minor and consists primarily of regular inspections and tree trimming. Anytime you see something out of the ordinary that you aren’t sure about, call the best residential roofer in Mustang you can find and get a professional opinion. If you find a real problem, don’t trust just anyone to do roof repair in Mustang. Make sure you find a professional, certified roofer, like CBR Roofing.


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