If your roof is starting to look older or was recently damaged by a storm or high winds, you may be wondering if it is time for a new roof. It is best to replace your roof before it causes major problems––but there is no use replacing a roof with years of life left in it. At CBR Roofing, we do roof repair in Shawnee every day, and these are the tell-tale signs we look for:

Water Leaks

A single water leak isn’t enough to conclude that you need a new roof, but if you have had to do minor roof repair in Shawnee more than once in the last year, you may have a more serious problem causing the leaks. Many homeowners like to do minor roof repairs on their own, but if you find a new problem every time it rains, it’s time to call a professional Shawnee roofing contractor for help.

Sagging Roof

A sagging roof results from water penetrating the outer roof, creating rot in the roof rafters, purlins, or decking. If your roof is sagging, you have a severe problem that needs to be addressed quickly.

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Shingle roofs can last as long as 20-30 years if installed correctly, and quality materials are used. Signs of an aging roof include bald, cracking, or curling shingles; shrinking or cracking seals around roof vents; and dark spots or stains. The best residential roofing companies in Shawnee will inspect your roof for you and let you know if your roof is getting old or if it has a problem localized to a specific area.

Light in the Attic

After inspecting the outside of your roof, residential roofers in Shawnee will inspect your roof from inside your attic. You can also do this yourself if your attic is safe to walk through.

If possible, enter your attic and turn off all the lights. If you see light coming through the top of your roof, you most likely have a leak that needs to be repaired. If you have light coming through in multiple locations in your roof, it’s probably time for roof replacement. When in doubt, call a professional roofing company like CBR Roofing and get a free roof inspection in Shawnee.

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Heavy Storm Damage

A severe hailstorm or falling tree can do major damage to your roof in a very short time. If a storm has damaged a large portion of your roof, it is often advantageous to replace the entire roof at the same time. This is especially true for roofs more than ten years old. If a storm has recently damaged your roof, CBR roofing also offers emergency roof services in Shawnee.

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