If an F-5 tornado comes barreling through your neighborhood, there isn’t much you can do to prevent your home from being destroyed. Certain forces of nature are simply unstoppable. However, many homes are built to withstand winds as high as 150 miles per hour. If you want help keeping your home safe during high winds, consider the following suggestions from the best residential roofer in Shawnee:

Install Class H Roof Shingles

Not all shingles are the same. The best asphalt shingles are H-rated and can withstand winds up to 150mph. However, other shingles are available at lower prices and offer less protection from high winds. Do you know what the rating is of the shingles on your roof? Unsure about this? Schedule a roof inspection with CBR Roofing!

Landscape with High Winds in Mind

Another method for protecting your home from high winds is planting trees around your home that can act as a windbreak. Planting trees and allowing them time to grow is not a short-term solution, but it is an excellent long-term strategy. Speak to a professional landscaper in your area for recommendations on which trees to plant and where.

Ensure Your Rafters are Attached with Hurricane Ties

If winds are strong enough, your roof’s entire structure––rafters, decking, and all––can be lifted off your home’s walls. To prevent this, many areas require hurricane ties to be installed. Hurricane ties are relatively small metal straps that connect your roof’s rafters to your walls. They are very effective, inexpensive, and easy to install, especially when compared to the cost of major roof repair in Shawnee.

Keep Up with Home and Roof Maintenance

Roof maintenance is essential to ensure that your roof is strong and weather resistant. Even minor problems can become your roof’s Achilles’ heel during a storm or high winds. These problems are challenging to identify if your roof is dirty or covered in moss in an inspection.

Schedule Roof Inspection in Shawnee

We highly recommend regular roof inspections so that roof problems can be identified before storms and high winds occur. Minor roof repair in Shawnee before a storm may prevent a roofing disaster during a storm.


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