Many homeowners don’t understand the importance of roof inspections. Homeowners are unsure when they should have their roof inspected by a professional. That is where  Mustang roofing contractor answers all the lingering questions. The truth is that roof inspections are vitally important for many reasons and need to be performed regularly.

#1 – Annual or Bi-Annual Roof Inspections

Routine inspections are perhaps the most important. Newer roofs generally only need to be inspected once a year for the first five years, unless your home is in an area subject to severe weather and high winds. After five years, we strongly recommend bi-annual inspections: one in the spring and one in the fall.

#2 – Inspections after a Storm

If high winds or hail have recently ripped through your neighborhood, make sure you have your roof inspected. Even if your roof doesn’t need immediate repair, it is best to be aware of the storm’s effect on your roof. Hailstorms can wear down the protective surface of asphalt shingles without necessarily creating leaks or severe damage in any particular area.

#3 – Inspections Before Purchasing a Home

Home inspections are almost always required before purchasing a home, but you should make sure that an experienced Mustang roofing contractor thoroughly inspects your roof. Not all home inspectors are as thorough as they should be or have extensive experience with roof repair and replacement.

#4 – Inspections to Ensure Insurance Coverage

Some home insurance agencies and home warranty companies require regular roof inspections, but not all. Check your contract or policy and make sure you are up to date on inspections and maintenance. Even if your insurance company doesn’t require regular inspections, they are still a good idea. Insurers often pay a pro-rated amount for roof repair and replacement depending on your roof’s condition before damage occurs. The best way to prove the pre-storm condition of your roof is by having paperwork from a recent inspection.

#5 – Inspection after a Leak

Many homeowners prefer to do minor roof repairs instead of calling the best roofing contractor in Mustang for help. If you repair your own roof, call a professional roofer to inspect it afterward.

#6 – Inspection after a Tree or Tree Branch Falls

If you have large trees near your home, it is very likely that branches occasionally fall on your roof. A falling branch can damage your roof in ways that are nearly impartible. Make sure a professional looks at your roof if you know a large branch has fallen on it.


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