Like most other industries, the roofing industry has a vocabulary that doesn’t always make sense to the uninitiated. This can be frustrating for the homeowner who wants to repair or replace their roof but doesn’t understand what their roofer is saying. If you need help understanding your Mustang roofing contractor––our team at CBR Roofing is here to help.


The continuous flat surface supported by your home’s rafters. Decking is typically plywood and lies directly beneath your roof’s underlayment and shingles. Occasionally called sheathing.


The board or panel surrounding the roof structure, secured to the end of the rafters or trusses. Fascia boards are located between the roof edge and the soffit. It is the surface where most gutters are secured to the building.


The pieces of metal (galvanized steel, copper, or another corrosion-resistant alloy) used around chimneys, skylights, vents, dormers, walls, and other vertical surfaces or protrusions.

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The diagonal joint running from the eave to the ridge where two roof surfaces are joined. A roof hip is the opposite of a roof valley.

Laminated Shingles:

Shingles manufactured in such a fashion that a single shingle is composed of multiple layers. Laminated shingles typically offer greater protection than flat shingles. Also called “architectural shingles” and “three-dimensional shingles.”


The top, horizontal line of a roof where two opposing planes of the roof surface join.


Material used for covering, waterproofing, and protecting a roof. Shingles are most often rectangular and installed in a fashion such that a row of shingles partially overlaps the row below. Shingles can be made of various materials, but asphalt shingles are most common in the United States.

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The soffit is the finished underside of the eaves (or roof overhangs). Soffits often feature soffit vents for roof and attic ventilation.


A unit of measurement used to define roof area equivalent to 100 square feet.


The thin, waterproof layer of protection installed between the deck and shingles. Asphalt saturated felt paper is the most common material for underlayment, but other specialized synthetic materials can also be used.


A roof valley is the internal area between two intersecting roof planes.

Any professional Mustang roofing contractor should take the time to explain these terms (or other roofing terms) to you. If you don’t understand something, the best residential roofer in Mustang will write a blog about it. . .

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