Replacing your roof is a big job and a worthwhile investment. When the time comes to replace your roof, consider upgrading your roof to improve durability, insulating properties, wind resistance, and style.

Upgrade #1 – Energy-Efficient Reflective Shingles

Reflective shingles reflect heat instead of absorbing heat like most darker asphalt shingles. Reflective shingles can make a big difference in how much heat is able to enter your attic and home, which should then also help you reduce energy bills.

Upgrade #2 – Dimensional Asphalt Shingles

When replacing your roof, flat, three-tab shingles are the most budget-friendly shingle option. However, dimensional (or architectural) shingles are generally more attractive and wind-resistant. When you are ready to replace your roof, ask the best residential roofing company in Mustang which shingles they recommend. Dimensional shingles also last longer in most cases and have more extended warranties.

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Upgrade #3 – Additional Ventilation

Before replacing your roof, ask your roofer to analyze the efficiency of your roof’s ventilation system. Poor ventilation can lead to excessive interior moisture, premature deterioration of your roof decking, and overloading of your HVAC system. You can also choose to change the style of roof vents. Roof vents are available in various styles: turbine or whirlybird, ridge vent, dormer vent, gable vent, etc.

 Upgrade #4 – Copper Flashing

Flashing is the flat metal trim used in the valleys of your roof and near chimneys or walls that intersect vertically with your roof. The most common flashing material is galvanized steel, but consider installing copper flashing if you want to make your roof look nice. Copper flashing is more durable than galvanized steel and is an excellent detail if you want to make your house stand out a little.

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Upgrade #5 – Eave Flashing

Eave flashing essentially functions as a bridge between the bottom row of shingles and your gutters. This is a big advantage if you experience high levels of rain in your area. High rains can cause problems with ice dams forming during cold winters. Eave flashing is not incredibly expensive and helps extend the life of your roof. Ask the best residential roofer in Mustang you know if your home would benefit from eave flashing.

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